GPeC E-Commerce Proficiency 2022 Calendar

Your online shop's journey through the program

  1. Sign up for the GPeC E-Commerce Proficiency 2022 program by selecting one of the available packages: Lite, Platinum or Incognito. The Incognito package guarantees you 100% confidentiality (your brand will not be publicly mentioned anywhere and you will not be nominated for the 2022 eCommerce Awards Gala, unless you won);
  2. We audit your online store from a legal point of view to ensure that you fully comply with the eligibility criteria. We help you to meet them, and after fulfilling them we grant you the certification which certifies that you respect the minimum necessary legal obligations;
  3. Between 13-27 June, you enter the detailed audit process in which your online store is analyzed by over 200 criteria: UX Audit, Online Marketing Audit, SEO Health Check, Security Health Check, E-Mail Marketing Campaigns Audit, Content and Social Media Presence Audit, Legal Audit;
  4. You receive the evaluation reports and discuss them with the GPeC Auditors during the 1 on 1 Mentorship Sessions, scheduled for 7-8 July. Thus, you benefit from specialized consulting on what and how to fix in order to optimize the website and increase sales;
  5. After discussing with the GPeC Auditors, you have time allocated to implement their recommendations. The optimization period is between 9 July - 4 September;
  6. Between 5-16 September, the GPeC Auditors will re-evaluate your online shop following the criteria for which you have made improvements / optimizations;
  7. You will receive the final audit reports and recommendations during the 1 on 1 Mentorship sessions scheduled for 20-21 September;
  8. You receive the GPeC E-Commerce Proficiency 2022 Certification if you have obtained a score of over 120 points in both assessments. This attests to the graduation of the program and the high E-Commerce skills of the team behind the online shop;
  9. In addition, the online stores with the highest scores are awarded at the eCommerce Awards Gala on 26 September 2022. GPeC trophies have been considered a statement in E-Commerce for 17 years and a source of pride for the winners.
Sesiuni de Mentorship intre Juriul Competitiei GPeC si magazinele online

Specialized consulting from 30 experts in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing

Calendar and key steps of the GPeC Mentoring Sessions

Audit reports resulting from the evaluation of online shops are accompanied by 1 on 1 Mentoring Sessions with the GPeC Auditors. Thus, the GPeC specialists will explain the findings on the audit reports, as well as showing their recommendations for optimizing your online shop to increase the conversion rate.

The first round of Mentorship sessions will take place on 7-8 July and they will be held online on Zoom - so you can access them from anywhere:

  • The shops will be scheduled and will be notified by e-mail of the date and time when they are invited to attend the 1 to 1 consulting sessions;
  • The GPeC Auditors will explain the main issues spotted during the audit and will provide solutions to fix and optimize the online shop;
  • Within the designated time (approx. 120 minutes/shop), online shops will receive specialized advice, in addition to the audit report.

After the Mentorship sessions, the shops have dedicated time (between 9th July and 4th September) to apply the auditor's recommendations and optimize their websites.

One of the key differentiators of the GPeC E-Commerce Proficiency program is that online shops are optimized even during the program and under the supervision of GPeC mentors.

The second round of the Mentorship sessions takes place on the 20th and 21st September and aims to discuss the second audit report and follow the evolution of online shops, accompanied by 1 on 1 discussions.


GPeC E-Commerce Proficiency Auditors & Mentors

Meet the experts who audit and provide insights for the online shops registered for the GPeC E-Commerce Proficiency program. They are all specialists with extensive experience in E-Commerce and Digital Marketing and will be your mentors throughout the program.